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  • The Worlds
A luxury oasis in the city
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Being lost is being found when you wander through The Worlds. Our Retreat Specialist will guide you on a tailor made journey through saunas, steams, jacuzzi and flotation pools, massages and facials, all customized as per your body and skin needs. Each hydrothermal experience will evolve you to a new level of well-being as your body eliminates toxins and your mind excludes the bad energies. This Enigmatic series of experiences in The Worlds - Oriental, Mystic, Mineral and Floral, will enable you to indulge in a sense of well-being that touches your spirit.
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Oriental World
Encased with precious elements, the holistic cleansing rituals performed at the Oriental world speak of eliminating toxins and negativities while allowing oneself to be spiritually close to positive energies.
Mystic World
Call out to your inner self through sounds of nature, sensory stimulators and chronotherapy. Let the Mystic of this world enlighten your inner being.
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Floral World
Blossom and bloom. Feel enveloped in the cocoon of beauty at the Floral World. Let the scent of flowers allow you to inhale wellness.
The Worlds - Mineral
Mineral World

Mineral World says "I am an ocean, extremely deep with healing elements. Dive in and indulge. Take for you what is mine."

Indulge in the benefits of salts and minerals, as you relax in the Mineral Cabin and Flotation Pool or take full benefits of the Salt Therapy.

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